No Fun

by Feel Matters

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some songs I've recorded over the past 6 months, mostly unfinished and the least bit cohesive, I'm not really sure what to do with them so now they're on here. Aaron Badour whistled on track 6 lol. Ross let me borrow his pocket piano synth indefinitely so thats on there. Cover by Tyler Moore and me. Nick Wing is in the pic. I suppose i should thank Sam Hall as well, for really nothing at all.


released October 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Feel Matters Grand Rapids, Michigan


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Track Name: forgetful
fade into grey, out of the foreground
afterthoughs, they fade so quickly
I'm so bored, not by my own choice.
how do I manage to get so fucking bored and still feel so sore?

I fade into grey
I'm not tired
I wait
I fade to grey

someone's in my bedroom, touching my things
they'll take all my friends, everything I need
naturally, insignificance, it swallows me
Track Name: head out the window
I saw you driving, your head out the window
I couldn't remember what I was gonna say
but I yelled your name, and said something anyway
Track Name: whatever brain
I feel whatever, I've got whatever brain
try not to sweat it, don't be so fucking lame

I miss my buddy, he was my best friend
we learned a lot of things together

I feel like a chump, but I know better
I'm not a fucking loser, I'm just removed
I feel like a chump, but I know better
I'm not a fucking loser, I'm just in recluse
Track Name: mess this place up
took so long to get the screens off my window
take time, it's killing me
I never put the screens on your window
take time, it's killing me

waiting for the bus at fuller and sherman
thinking of yesterday's mess, still to clean up

how could you let yourself go? how could you say that to your good friends?

it's just the way that it goes

what were you like before I came into the picture? now I sleep with the fan on

I've gotta mess this place up
Track Name: selling bud
This winter left me so sure I don't remember you
Short summary, you get bored
I've got a cigarette for when I'm done with you

spider web hangs in my face, I spit it out of the way

off selling bud again, it's my mistake
none of my business, fuck this